soydivision on demand

In order to survive and re-defining our part in the capitalism wheel of fortune:

“We decided to offer some possible solutions for your corporate(s)/individual capitalist demands of gastronomy supplies and exotism hunger”

Let’s mentioned some real applicable cases:

  • Workshop/Training F&B Supplies
  • Business/Private Brunch/ Lunch/Dinner
  • Finger food/Casual Events
  • Special Occasion (Christmas Party, Wedding, Birthday, Exhibition, Launching Party, etc)
  • Live cooking (and/or music) performance
  • Berlin Event Location Searching Service


  • The fact that this entity carries it’s signature Indonesian inspired cuisine already make it pretty much exotic, isn’t it?  I mean how many times you experienced Indonesian food situation in Business Dinner or Workshop in your life??
  • We took sustainability thema seriously. Our founder even held his master degree on this theme. Even though we serve a culinary culture from 10.000 miles away from Europe, we believe everything can be re-created and re-defined locally, means we (almost) only use everything that grows in Berlin and Brandenburg land. Exceptional case lies for example in couple of basic spices that we need to imported at least from Netherlands.
  • More on Sustainability!! We’ve been focusing on circular design as a part of circular economy approach on sustainability for sometime now. Our focused are cities and how food value chain happening in the (each) city. Cities can transform from black holes sucking in food, energy, and other resources to engines of a regenerative food system and bioeconomy. The transition to a circular economy will see production which regenerates rather than harms the natural systems upon which it relies, food waste designed out, and food by-products used at their highest values. We carries and promotes  this theme in every pop up event that we do, we took seriously our food production chain, waste and the life cycle, and examine each city’s unique food value chain.
  • How it integrates Innovation  :It’s a storytelling on how we re-create and innovate our traditional Indonesian dishes and Identity with the influence of actual social-culture landscape we are living in,  and it’s technology intervention that appears inevitably. Example: Incorporates local vegetable such Fenchel in one of Gadogado’s (Indonesian signature peanut sauce salad) Ingredients.
  • Short story: It’s gonna be a hell of gastronomy experience!

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